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Quantity Calculator APP

Brookvale Sand & Minicrete now provide an easy to use quantity calculator for Apple and Android phones.


  • Quantity Calculator App
  • Appbox Labs
  • 31/04/2014

Andrew Miller

Purelogic Design

Fantastic app for DIY and tradesmen. Easy to use for concrete,bulk building materials and landscaping products.

App Description

Brookvales NEW Quantity Calculator App can be used to estimate the volume of concrete you will need for any size or area.

The app can calculate square, round or odd shapes.

Once the information is entered, the app will give you total cubic metres as well as quantities of cement, aggregate and sand required.

To get this great little app simply go to the app store or Google play and search "Brookvale".


The app is great to calculate sand, gravel and landscaping quantities. 

SIMPLY go to App Store or Google Play > Search "Brookvale" and download FREE.

Go to App Store - Brookvale Quantity Calculator

Go to Google play - Brookvale Quantity Calculator