Brookvale Minicrete

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Brookvale Minicrete

Reinforcing Mesh

The smaller project REOMESH® solution
Compact, light & legal to transport is now even better!

" UTEMESH®" is so lightweight that one man can unload and carry it safely. This saves on labour as a job can be completed by one man." UTEMESH® is well-suited for small slabs such as driveways, patios, sheds and pavements.

We stock the standard SL72UTE - 1800 X 1050 (5mm) sheets

  • Safer to handle - Now with reduced flying ends (reduced from 100 to 20 mm). We've lessened the risk of injury when loading, unloading, carrying, placing and tying.
  • More cost-efficient cover - Up to 8% improved mesh cover through lap efficiency across and along the sheet.
  • Just as easy to carry - One person can carry the new UTEMESH® using the correct manual handling techniques. This eliminates an extra pair of hands on site.
  • Still as versatile as ever - UTEMESH® 4 m x 2 m sheets are ideal for concreting projects such as small slabs, driveways, patios and pavements or where site space and manoeuvrability is limited.
  • Economical - The products can give more cost-efficient cover and economy in the number of sheets or bars, or the volumes of steel needed to efficiently reinforce the structure and meet the design intent of the project.
  • Environmental -  OneSteel's manufacturing of reinforcing steel utilises energy reducing Polymer Injection Technology and recycled scrap content.


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